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Baby Shower cupcakes

Posted by cuppiecakes on April 21, 2009

These are the cupcakes that I made for my sister’s baby shower.  I was really pleased with how they turned out.  They all looked so cute  displayed on the plates on the cake stand.  Sweet little baby faces!



9 Responses to “Baby Shower cupcakes”

  1. Sarah said

    I love these cupcakes! Do you have any suggestions on the point you should use for the black details such as hair, eyes and then the pink dot.. I am very new to doing design on cakes or cupcakes.. so any advise would be awesome! These are just tooooo cute!!

    • cuppiecakes said

      I used Wilton tip #2 (it’s a simple open, writing tip) you could use tip #3 too, it’s just a little bit bigger. For the pink dots on the cheeks, I used the Wilton pink Fondant writer or you could use flat pink confetti sprinkles. Hope that helps! Have fun!

  2. nani said

    i think these cupcakes are so adorable but i have a questions what did you use for the pacifier? my cousin is having her baby shower saturday and im thinking of doing something similar to this but i cant find cute pacifiers like those

    • cuppiecakes said

      Thanks! The pacifiers are small & plastic. I got the pacifiers at a craft store in the baby shower supplies. I am not sure what craft stores you have in your area but, you should be able to find them at Michael’s Arts & Crafts (national chain), Joann Fabrics (national chain), AC Moore (in the NJ/PA/DE/NY/MA area) and probably whatever decent craft store you have in your area.

  3. Nadia said

    I love your cupcakes!!! I can’t find a good recipe for the icing to make it look like yours. Can you please share what recipe you used for the icing? Thank you so much!!!

    • cuppiecakes said

      Thhe icing is Wilton Decorator icing. I purchased it at Michael’s craft store. Then I used a Wilton gel food color for the skin color. You can get the icing at AC Moore or Joann’s too. Hope that helps!


    did those happen to be the same pacifiers you used?? those are the ones i ordered but didnt know if they would be too small. thanks!!! yours look great 🙂

    • cuppiecakes said

      I think I got mine at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, but they look like they are the same. The are the right size for a standard cupcake since the cupcake is the face and it’s the right size in proportion to the rest of the cupcake. Thanks!

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