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A funny gift for the baker in your life!

Posted by cuppiecakes on December 18, 2008

I work at a culinary shop ( )that sells all sorts of kitchenware (cutlery, cookware, gadgets etc.)  So you can only imagine all of the fun gadgets that I have in my kitchen!  One day last November or December, my mom called me and asked me a rather strange question…she asked me if the store where I work sold any “non-traditional” egg separators.  I let her know that we just had the standard issue egg separators.  So from her strange question, I deduced that I was going to be getting an egg separator for Christmas.  Christmas Day was here and I had forgotten about our strange egg separator conversation only to open a gift from my mom…the Peter Petrie Egg Separator!  Check it out in action in my kitchen. (I have actually used it quite a lot lately since the cinnamon-sugar pecans I’ve been making call for egg whites)

Peter Petrie Egg Separator

Peter Petrie Egg Separator

This lovely little guy is both disgusting and so much fun!  You can get it at a bunch of websites (,, )–to name a few.  Crack the egg into the cup and tip it forward to separate the whites from the yolks.  Happy Baking!


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