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Thanksgiving Desserts

Posted by cuppiecakes on December 16, 2008

Toasted Coconut Cream Pie

Toasted Coconut Cream Pie

I didn’t  have to cook Thanksgiving din-din this year, but I am always the bringer of desserts!  These are just two of the treats that I made this year…a really simple but tasty coconut pudding pie with toasted coconut on top and cheesecake (YUM!). 
I also made German Chocolate cake, but not the traditional kind.  This is sort of one of those “doctored up” cake mix things.  You mix a box German Chocolate cake mix according to the package directions, but then you take the tub of coconut pecan frosting (that usually is on a German Chocolate cake) and you mix it into the cake batter.  Then bake until a cake tester comes out clean.  It is the only way I will eat German Chocolate cake!  It is so moist and tasty!  Try it sometime, you will love it!



One Response to “Thanksgiving Desserts”

  1. Janine said

    Mmmm. Really great pics:)

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